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Develop new ways to acknowledge and defeat your insecurities through our coaching programs.

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Provide encouragement, support, and friendship during your mindset renewal transformation through our community. 

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Offer resources and products that will encourage stress-free and self-care activities that are located in our store.

How We Can Help You:

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Coaching Programs!


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Coach Quay

Greetings and welcome to my corner of empowerment and spiritual growth! I am Coach Quay, formally known as Pastor LaQuavia Chambers, and I am honored to guide you on a journey of transformative mindset coaching.


Who Am I?

In the realm of spiritual mindset coaching, I wear the hat of both Pastor and Coach. My journey began with the founding of the women’s ministry, Made Beautiful, a venture initially known as “Who Am I?” Recognizing the evolution God orchestrated within me, I embraced the truth that I am Made Beautiful By God...

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