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Coach Quay

 My name is LaQuavia Chambers, but you can call me Coach Quay.


I began my women’s ministry  Made Beautiful years ago, but it was under a different name. The name of my ministry used to be  Who Am I?  Over the years, God has evolved me to realize that I know who I am, I am Made Beautiful By God.  Once I realized this, I knew it was my duty to help other women realize this same fact. I changed the name of my ministry to Made Beautiful By God in 2018, and my ministry has continued to flourish. In 2019, I was ordained as an Evangelist.


My purpose is to help you reach your full potential in God, in your career, and in you. 

 I currently host Teatime meetings on zoom every Saturday. I also have an amazing luxury candle and body spa line called Insecurity Melts.  I am now launching my new subscription box program called The Self-Care Initiative. This program allows me to help women overcome their insecurities by having friendships, activities, support, and coaching. The Self-Care Initiative Program ties both my ministry and store together by tending to your inner and outer being. 


So about me. I love to dance and spend time with my phenomenal husband Robert and my amazing children, Robert (Boonie) and Kai, and I  enjoy creating new products for my line. I also love all types of gospel music (especially afrobeat), having fun, and being silly when I have the time 

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Image by Gabrielle Henderson

This is Me!

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How I Can Help You:

Image by Jess Bailey

Develop new ways to acknowledge and defeat your insecurities 

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Image by Joel Muniz

Provide encouragement, support, and friendship during your mind renewal transformation

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Offer resources and products that will encourage stress-free and self-care activities.

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