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Welcome to Made Beautiful by God!

The Made Beautiful by God Community was created on January 12, 2019. Before we became a community, it started as an all-women's blog called, Who Am I? in 2018.  The purpose of the blog was to help women identify who they are in God. Due to the constant growth of our founder, God also transformed a simple blog into a unique ministry. Since this transformation has taken place, Our Ministry’s goal is to not only help women learn their identity in God but to help women walk in the calling that God has for them. 

The Made Beautiful by God ministry is an extended ministry of The Greater Love Ministries. The Greater Love Ministries is led by Pastor Elaine Latimore. Pastor Latimore is a faithful Servant of God, who has taught and mentored our founder, Pastor LaQuavia Chambers to follow the way of The Lord!  Due to Pastor Latimore’s hard work and dedication, Pastor Chambers has what it takes to be a leader among women

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Meet Our Founder

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Coach Quay

For the trials of our faith are made more precious than gold

My name is LaQuavia Sharvette Chambers, but you can call me Coach Quay.My purpose is to help you reach your full potential in God, in your career, and in you. 

The Made Beautiful by God Community

Check out all the things that our community has to offer! We are looking forward to growing with you!

Made Beautiful


The Made Beautiful Blog was created to encourage your heart and to remind you that you are not alone in your walk with God.

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Made Beautiful Podcast

The Made Beautiful Podcast was created to help you see yourself the way that God sees you! Beautiful you are wonderful and fearfully made!

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The Self- Care Initiative Program

The Self-Care Initiative Program is a system created to help women realize what their insecurities are and to teach them how to fight them.

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Help You Take Back Your Life

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InseCurity Melts 


InseCurity Melts was created with you in mind. Find Products and subscription boxes that will help motivate you on your journey of accomplishing your goals and dreams.


Offers Empowerfulment Tools To Help You Take Care Of Your Inner & Outer Self.

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Let’s Walk Together

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