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June 20TH

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What's in the Box?

4 products

Experience the delight of discovering carefully curated products that enhance your well-being and inspire your personal journey.


Engage in purposeful activities designed to empower you in confronting and overcoming your insecurities. Each box provides a road map to self-discovery.

Mini Self-Care Devotionals

Elevate your self-care routine with our mini devotionals, crafted to bring moments of reflection, tranquility, and self-love into your daily life.

Access to Community Meetings& Content

Connect with a supportive community through exclusive meetings and content. Share experiences, celebrate victories, and grow together on this empowering journey.

Bonus Features;

1st Month Double Box

Plans greater than 3 months, enjoy two boxes in the same month!  Receive a welcome box followed by a program-themed box, maximizing your empowerment experience

Elevate your self-care routine with our mini devotionals, crafted to bring moments of reflection, tranquility, and self-love into your daily life.

subscription plans

Choose the frequency that suits your empowerment journey!

Flexible Plans

Flexible subscription options to align with your commitment level. The longer the plan, the greater the empowerment


Hassel free cancelations!

15- Minute Appointment Cards 

Exclusive to plans exceeding 3 months, discover randomly placed 15-minute appointment cards in your box. Elevate your journey with personal one-on-one sessions with Coach Quay or one of our dedicated team members. Gain personalized encouragement to strengthen your mindset and fuel your fight against insecurities

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Choose Your Plan

Choose one of the plans below! Allow our boxes to inspire, motivate, and support you as you navigate the path of self-discovery. 

 3 Months Prepaid Empowerment                             34.99/month

Pay 104.97 Upfront 

 6 Months Prepaid Empowerment                           33.99/month

Pay 203.94 Upfront 

 12 Months Prepaid Empowerment                             32.99/month

Pay 395.88 Upfront 

 Monthly Prepaid Empowerment                              37.99/month

Pay Monthly 

What's Next?

Its Time To Unbox The New You!

When your box arrives, open it with excitement and explore the carefully curated items within.

Shipping Schedule 

If you've chosen a monthly subscription plan, anticipate your Empowerment Box to be shipped between the 24th and 29th of each month.


You will be able to purchase your favorite items in the InseCurity Melts Store, which will be shipped out immediately upon your order. These items will be rotated monthly. They are based on items in the previous month's Empowerment box. So, Move Fast!

About Us

Welcome to InseCurity Melts, where we believe in the transformative power of self-discovery and empowerment.

Our journey began with Coach Quay’s vision to create a platform that goes beyond traditional subscription boxes, focusing on fostering personal growth, confidence, and positive change for women...

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