Knowing Your Worth In Christ

Updated: Jul 23

Hello Ladies! Today I wanted to write about this topic because it is one of the messages that we discussed during Teatime on Saturday mornings @ 9:30 est. I know everyone is not able to log on Zoom during that time, so I am bringing the messages to you all in this blog. So, let’s go ahead and get into it!


Imagine you are the owner of this car! When you first got the car off the lot, it was shiny and had that new car smell. Your excitement could not be explained at the time. So, you took the car out for many spins until the time progress in to ten years.

After ten years, your car ended up looking like this. This car has been through many things. The color is lost. There are so many dents on the car that you had no choice but to let it sit. In your eyes, the value in the car is gone.

One day a mechanic came by your house and offered you 10,000 dollars for the car. At the time you did not understand why the mechanic bought the car for 10,000 dollars until he completed the transformation to the car. Look at this transformation!