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Let Your Light Shine!

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Hello beautiful ladies!

I am so excited to write this blog post today! Have you ever wondered what it means to let your light shine? Have you ever thought about what this means in your life or what God is saying to you when you hear this statement? In the last two weeks, I have had a few conversations that dealt with letting your light shine and keeping your lamp burning. In this post, my goal is to show you a new perspective on this topic. So, let’s get to the message for today! What is God saying right now?

What is light? There are so many different meanings for light. But the definition that stood out to me is…

a particular light or illumination in which an object was seen takes on a certain appearance.

Now reading this definition, for me, is powerful! This definition has been going right along with what God has been showing me. We all have a light that has its own appearance. But what or who’s appearance does our light takes on?

Now automatically when we hear the word light, we think of the opposite of darkness. And for us spiritual girls we think about God! But there is a particular light that God wants to talk about today. And it is the light that he put inside of you to shine. So, the command is to let your light shine. What does this mean to you? I am here to tell you and to show you what God wants you to see today.

Do you know what God put in you? Do you know what gifts you have? Do you know the power that God has placed in your hands? Well, in order to let your light shine these are things that you must know.

There are so many scriptures that talk about the gifts and talents that God has given each one of us. He did this so that we can understand how important it is to know who we are? Not just knowing our identity, but also knowing what our weaknesses and strengths are. Why? Because the devil knows them, and he is using them against you. The enemy plays on your weakness in order to confuse the mission that God has for you. Another way of putting it is that the devil is a light dimmer and mixer upper 😊. The enemy knows if he could confuse us, it will slow down those counterattacks that we hold in our hands. What are you saying Coach Quay? Let me give you this example. When the enemy is fighting you, he has all kinds of attacks up his sleeves. The most effective type of attack that he has is confusing the essence (spirit, nature, substance, essential part) that God has given us with something or someone else. Think about it, if we walk around not understanding what God put in us, we will fall for anything. We will become more like the children of Israel, stuck in the wilderness for 40 years. They were stuck in the wilderness because that is how long it took for them to purge from their confused light.

So which light are we shining? Are we shining the light that the enemy is projecting on us or the light that God-given us before we were placed in our mother’s womb? Life happens to us sometimes, but we must remember to stay pure to who God created us to be. Every part of us is needed in order to stand, change lives, and climb mountains.

Think about things that you are good at doing. Think about those desires that God put on your heart. Do not get distracted by how people react when you know God has given you something. Do not customize yourself by others. God is your customizer. You may not know what comes next or how you are going to get into certain areas of your life, but you know that God has you! You must know that you have a teacher who

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