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Don't Give Up: Endure Until The End

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Hello beautiful people!

What's on your mind today?

Today, I am thinking about my weekend! My son had his Championship game for baseball. Let me tell you about my son and his baseball team.

Now, I am so proud of these boys because they came a long way. When the season first started, they were the only team that had all newbies on the team. Not to mention that my husband was the assistant coach, who had never coached a team before. As a matter of fact, his skilled sport is basketball, not baseball.

Now when they started the season, as you can see, they were the underdogs. They had the nickname bad news White Eagles. But people let me tell you, these boys practiced, they practiced, and they practiced. Before my baby’s team won a game, they had lost five games in a row. After their fifth loss, they found the recipe for winning. These boys placed second place during the whole season. It is all because they did not give up!

So, I wanted to encourage you all to keep pushing even when it seems like things are hard. When things seem like they are not going the way that you want, keep pushing. Through the rough times, we gain patience, strength, and knowledge. Thinking back on the baseball season, the win was not about the end results of the game, but how the game was played. The destination is not what makes us, it is the journey that we take to get there. It is about the way we think. The way we stand! The way we include others! The way we trust in God!

So, do not give up! God has not failed you! He just wants to change the way you trust Him!

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