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Teacher's Pet Syndrome

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Hello Beautiful!

This week during Teatime, God had his way! We had a good ole time talking about the favor of God! If you missed it, please watch the video inserted in this blog.

Ladies... when God gave me this topic, I did not know how I was going to break it down and create an encouraging message, but you know how God is. God always makes a way. What is the Teacher’s Pet Syndrome? The best way I can explain this syndrome is by reminding you what it used to be like in my school days.

The Teacher's Pet Syndrome

When I was a child, some specific students received the favor of their teacher. When this would occur, the other students would ridicule these students due to jealousy. The students with favor would suffer because all they wanted was peace when they went to school. This made some students fight back. I have seen students change who they were and how they acted towards their teacher to fit in with the crowd over walking in the favor that they had.

Teachers Pet Syndrome- is receiving the favor of your teacher and being picked on because of it (defined by life experiences 😊)

Favor- an act of kindness beyond what is due

Does this sound familiar to you? We tend to do the same thing to God. God is the greatest

Teacher of all. When we become a child of God, we receive His unmerited favor. It is nothing that we can do about that. This unmerited favor brings on suffering from the world. We get talked about, pushed away, lied about, and anything else that this world can think to do to us.

Listen… God does not want us to back down from being who we are called to be. We are not students who do not understand who we serve. We are not powerless women who can not stand in faith. God has given us his favor! Do you know what favor does? Let me remind you!

Favor Does things like...

  • separating oceans, so Moses and the Israelites could walk through to safety

  • sparing Noah’s family from a flood when the entire world was being destroyed

  • putting Joseph over rulers when his family missed understood him and his master’s wife lied on him

  • blessing Sarah’s womb when she was baring

  • giving David the courage and wisdom to kill a giant

  • healing a woman, who suffered from an issue of blood for 12 years

  • restoring us when the enemy comes to take everything we have

God moves for those He favor! The devil knows this. The enemy’s job is to make us forget that we are chosen by God. It’s not because we are different from the world it’s because He is just that good. So don’t let the enemy have his way.

Let’s not sit around rolling with the punches. Get up! Roll up your sleeves and show the enemy who you are in Christ!

Woman of God, did you know favor came with purpose, weapons, tools, understanding, and wisdom? We do not want to sell our birthright as Esau did for a bowl of soup. We have families that need to be saved, husbands that need helpmates, children that need to be shown the way, businesses that need to be created, ministries that need to be started, people to show the love of God to, and bodies that we have to take care of.

Favor is a lot like faith. We have to put our favor to work in order for the world to see what God is doing in our lives.

Don't forget Ladies, Favor ain't fair!

Thank you, ladies, for spending some time with me today! Leave me a comment! I love you all! I hope you all enjoy your week!

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