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Get Your Mind Right: It's Preparation time Part One *Study Guide included

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Learning how to stand during your Preparation Season

Hello Beautiful!

As always, I am very excited to share with you all some things that God has been teaching me! This week our blog post will review the chat that took place on Teatime this past Saturday. Ladies, if you were not in the room on Saturday, no worries, I have included some of the messages in the video above.

You all are in for a treat today! Throughout this blog, we are going to discuss different ways how to align our way of thinking with the stage or area that we are in. These last couple of weeks God has been helping me understand the preparation stage of our journeys to our callings, whatever that may be. I don't know about you all, but anytime God calls me to do something, I go through this process of feeling blessed and motivated to feeling overwhelmed and worn down. I tend to start at full speed and then go to a halt after a while.

I have noticed that I sometimes struggle to stay consistent with the visions given to me. God showed me that struggle comes from misunderstanding the stages that I am in. This is really big for many of us! When God gives us vision, he also gives provision to carry out the vision. So there is a process, which means there are different stages and steps that we have to complete before we actually get to the vision. Most times we are worn out before we can end the preparation stage because we start the race with the end at the forefront of our minds.

Yes, it is good to think about the goal, but each stage that is needed to reach the goal is just as important. Ladies, I know what you may be thinking, how do we get out of this cycle? One way to break this cycle is by learning the different stages we take to accomplish the vision. Today we are going to focus on learning more about this preparation stage. What does this stage look like?

provision- the act or process of providing, the fact or state of being prepared beforehand


Notes from Powerpoint


Preparation - the action or process of making ready or being made ready for use or consideration

Themed Scripture:

Complete your outdoor work and prepare your field; after that, you may build your house.

- Proverbs 24: 27

What is the Foundation for Our Vision?

After reading the notes and watching the video, we can see that the preparation stage is all about building the foundation for the vision. What is the foundation for the vision that God has given us?

The foundation is everything that we have learned throughout our lives from a child to whatever point we are now plus new things that God teaches us that are vision based.

For example, when a student enters college there are courses that are known as core classes. These classes are classes that every student has to take, no matter the major. Once these classes are completed, the students move to classes that are based on the major they are going for. This is the same concept in God, there are certain fundamental things that we all have to learn, and then there are things that are personalized for our calling. This is the foundation of our vision. We have to remember everything that we have learned in order to pass the preparation period.

The First Step of the Preparation Process

Now that we know what the foundation is, I want to talk about this preparation process. I had to ask God what this process look like because I wanted to stand differently. I don't want to give up on the race before it starts again. I want to be able to think differently about my walk. I know that you ladies are with me.

So, God showed me the first step in the preparation process is building a relationship with Him. I know that most of us are saying, "I have a relationship with God"! I know I thought it... but God is saying in the particular journey that we are called to walk in. God wants us to get to know Him during every journey that we have to face. God is not a one size fits all type of God. He gets personal with us. He moves differently in every situation. Sometimes we feel like God is not walking with us because we tried to use an old relationship (an old way of thinking) that we had with God when He is trying to show us new ways of thinking. In order to hear God clearly on our new paths, our minds have to have the capacity to handle what and where God wants to take us.

In order to really gain all the tools we need for our journeys we have to be able to trust the provider of these tools. We will cant follow someone we do not trust and we will not trust someone we do not know. This is really the key to our success! Do we trust the provider of the tools we need?

It's like school! Each grade level of school has a different teacher. Once a student enters a classroom for the first time, they are in a room with a strange person that they don't really know. The teacher does not force one on one relationships with the students because they do not have time to waste. It is up to the student to be in the right mindset to give the teacher a chance to prove that they are trustworthy. This teacher/ student relationship starts when the student listens to the teacher's instructions, asks questions when confused, and applies what was learned. Trust is built when the student realizes that the teacher's teaching is working. This process takes place in schools all around the world every year.

It is the same concept in God! We have to know that at each level or calling, entering God's presence is like entering a new classroom. We have to put in the work to get to know him.

The Wrap-Up

Ladies, during this blog post we have learned why it is so important to take our time in the stage that we are to reach our goals/ calling. We have also learned about the first step in the Preparation Stage, which is building a personalized relationship with God. Next, we will talk more about the next three steps in the Preparation Stage I encourage each one of you to be patient with your progress. Your journey is your own! God has hand-picked you for this walk!

Thank you beautiful for spending time with me! As a gift, I have created a study guide based on the scriptures that the Teatime members have put together for you! This guide is to help encourage your hearts while you are in your Preparation Stage.

Click the link below for your Free Study Guide!

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Beautiful and Befitting!

This message is on time

To everyone called to do a work according to his purpose.

Having vision requires a course or series of courses in other words it requires preparation, trial, and test and where you are when you receive the vision will depend upon your point of view. Your point of view determines what you are able to see, the perception of what you see, and what you are able to understand. One can only respond to what is understood. Why? Because to understand is to turn. The turn will cause one to move, or to shift in direction

Therefore obtaining a new position, disposition, and ultimately a new point of view. What one has…

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