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Building Your Foundation On Solid Ground

Hello, ladies have you ever been feeling like your light under a bushel, and your life feels like it’s falling apart or you simply just don’t know where to turn? Well, the good news is that we’ve all been there before and you are not alone.

The place that God wants to take us is out of this world, depending on our faith. We know that before we reach that point, we have to build a solid relationship with God, and in order to do that the first step is to have faith. See the Bible declares that “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen which is in Heb 11:1, and the terminology of the word faith means to trust or have confidence in someone or something.

See when we think about it, God called many of the men in the Bible to build altars, sanctuaries, temples and etc. With that being said, the men that God chose to be craftsmen had to be fully skilled and equipped with the gift of laying certain foundations down.

Easy right? Not at all, God chose us way before we existed in our mother’s womb. A lot of times we doubt the gift’s that God has put in us because of fear or simply because we have yet to tap into our calling. But the truth is God is taking us places in the spirit. Which we have been called.

In order to reach that potential in God, we have to first want a relationship with God. As I mentioned faith is the first foundation that we need in order to move forward, without faith there is no foundation or common ground. The second step is work, with the work we have to build our foundation on solid ground. See the faith activates the works and the works activate the faith. God wants us to stand firm in the faith, so we have to move accordingly so God can position us in the right timing.

Let's remember to deny ourselves and pick up our cross daily so that we won’t be moved or distracted by what the enemy is trying to do.

Let your light shine to dim the shadows of darkness and continue to remember God’s words and what he promised you. Remember just because we are in this world doesn’t mean we are of this world. Stand firm in the newness of God and of his unchanging hand and continue to build your house upon solid ground, take up your cross daily and meditate in your word day and night and watch the manifestation of God pour into you like never before. Praise Ye The Lord!! Be happy that you are chosen !!!! Let God use you. I Love You All So Much!

In Jesus' Name, Have a safe and blessed week.

P.S. Pick up your cross and remember to push towards the mark of salvation.

From your sister,

Brianna Smith

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